Introduction about AMEND

AMEND stands for Akila Memorial Establishment for Neurologically Disabled.

amend [uh-mend] – verb (used with object) : to change for the better; improve

Karunya Karma means Compassionate Service

AMEND is a registered trust founded by three like minded people from different professional background. The main motive is to cater to the people in the low-income strata of the society who can not afford treatment for neurosurgical disorders that are currently available only in corporate style hospitals.

Having a Neurosurgeon with more than 25 years of neurosurgical experience, we at AMEND emphasize / specialize in treating neurological disorders with neurosurgical pathology.

VISION:   Save Breadwinner! Save Family!!

MISSION:  Providing affordable treatment in our state-of-the-art Neurosurgical Center with a humane passion.

With the above vision and mission in our body,mind and soul,  we at AMEND work towards the noble cause: No patient with treatable neurosurgical disease should die for lack of treatment.

While doing this karunya karma(compassionate service), we do keep in mind Mother Teresa’s  mellowing words “We do small things with big heart and not big things with small heart”.