AMEND a center for affordable brain and spine surgery solutions.

AMEND stands for Akila Memorial Establishment for Neurologically Disabled.

In the last decade a lot of changes have taken place in specialty health care. Several non-medical factors like legality, insurance have become deciding factors in treatment. Specialty health care has become more oriented towards corporate hospital.

Our aim is to give quality neurosurgical care  with good infrastructure at affordable cost to make it reachable to  people below poverty line. This enables them to undergo treatment which is otherwise impossible.

At present we assess and offer neurosurgical services in one of our associated hospitals based on the complexity of the problem, needs of the patient , availability of insurance etc. Our long term goal is to develop a 15 bedded dedicated neurosurgical center with neuro intensive care which aims to give affordable quality  neurosurgical care. We have all important gadgets for neurosurgery like operating microscope,neuro endoscope, high speed drill, diathermy system. Our aim is to provide our services from a single center.


Our mantra is when we save the bread winner we save their family.

No patient with treatable neurosurgical disease should die for lack of treatment.


We are aiming to develop a 15 bedded dedicated neurosurgery set up with neuro ICU and dedicated operation theater. We are looking for donors who would understand the aim of our trust,our integrity and contribute to our project. The proposed location of the project is at Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. This is the birth place of Prof.B.Ramamurthy and Prof S.Kalyanaraman both stalwarts of Indian neurosurgery.

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